What causes buffering:

Buffering is caused by too much traffic to a server so at high traffic times the server cannot handle the load so it tries to idle down some people so others can watch a stream. What can also cause buffering is too many files on hard drive. To fix this clear cache and clear packages.

Why does it say Playback failed, one or more items failed to play”

It can say this because kodi only waits about 30 seconds for a stable connection with the website. This is designed this was so that it doesn’t wait all day. Either try again or try a different link.

Why is the video stuttering:

The video can stutter due to some type of corruption in the video encoding during the upload process to the website. Nothing can be done to fix this. Suggestion try another link.

What is Real-Debrid:

Real-debrid is a service that cost approximately $5 a month and it gives you an account for multiple websites that host the kodi content. It only works on some of the addons ie: Genesis, Stream all the Sources, Icefilms, and it gives more constant reliable sites and is the best way for HD content.

How do I set up Real-Debrid:

The easiest way to setup real-debrid is to click the real-debrid link on the right of the page. Once you have an account you have to go into Stream all the Sources, click URL Resolver and say that you have an account. Once that is done go into a movie or tv show and click on a green link and it will give you a web address and code to input. After that it will work in that addon after that go into Icefilms and Genesis and input your username and password in the setting menu. *Once you first sign into Real-Debrid it will lock your IP address so you cannot sign into your account from another house but you can use multiple devices in one house*